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Step into the world of Bajaj Indef, a distinguished member of the Bajaj Group since 1962, where innovation converges with excellence in material handling solutions. As a dynamic solutions provider, Hercules Hoists Limited (HHL) has transcended traditional roles to present a comprehensive 360-degree offering that caters to the evolving needs of industries establishing itself as the ultimate partner for worry free lifting. With a team of dedicated professionals propelling our journey, we proudly lead the market in hoisting solutions across India. Our offerings adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards and holding ISI and CE certifications symbolize the unwavering commitment to safety and reliability.

Our extensive distribution network, comprising 50+ Authorized Business Partners and over 100 Authorized Retailers, complemented by 50+ strategically located Indef Clinics nationwide, ensures swift and efficient product delivery as well as service support.

Our journey is marked by significant milestones, from achieving a 100 Crore Turnover in 2008 to the recent transition to a 3 times larger crane manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune in 2022. Committed to continuous growth, Bajaj Indef offers a meticulously crafted product range, encompassing cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, mechanical hoists, and storage and retrieval solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs.

In addition to our cutting-edge products, we take pride in our customizaed offerings, allowing us to tailor solutions to the unique requirements of our customers. Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the ready availability of spare parts and proactive service support, ensuring operational continuity and minimizing downtime.

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Products / Services

At Bajaj Indef, we take pride in presenting a diverse range of meticulously crafted products that cater to various industrial needs. The lifting capacity of our product portfolio ranges from 0.25 Ton to 90 Tons and boasts a height of lift up to 175 mtrs making us the brand with the widest product portfolio for unitized in-house material handling solutions. Uncover the breadth of our product categories and explore the diverse solutions that Bajaj Indef brings to your lifting and handling requirements.


Bajaj Indef’s portfolio of overhead cranes stands as a paragon of excellence and innovation, catering to the diverse requirements of sectors such as manufacturing, metals, automotive, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, our overhead cranes boast robust capacities spanning from 1 Ton to 70 Tons, demonstrating unparalleled efficacy across a spectrum of industrial domains, with expansive spans reaching up to 35 meters.

Within our comprehensive suite of offerings, we present a range of EOT Cranes, comprising Single Girder EOT Cranes tailored for standard tasks, Double Girder EOT Cranes designed for more substantial demands, Underslung EOT Cranes featuring a distinctive upside-down configuration, and Crane Kits facilitating the seamless construction of advanced cranes.

Further, our Gantry Cranes, renowned as Goliath cranes, provide versatility for both indoor and outdoor lifting requirements, while our Semi-Gantry Cranes present a cost-effective solution for scenarios necessitating self-support on one end.

The Jib Crane, boasting up to 360-degree rotation, ensures unparalleled flexibility with a secure working load of up to 3.2 Ton.

Finally, the LR+ (Light Rail Crane) System, characterized by profiles encompassing a load range of up to 2 Ton, showcases innovation through its unique ball and socket arrangement, effectively minimizing horizontal forces and stress on support structures.

Wire Rope Hoists:

Experience a fusion of efficiency and strength in our Wire Rope Hoists, designed to elevate your lifting operations. Our comprehensive range spans an impressive lifting capacity from 1 Ton to 90 Tons, reaching exceptional lift heights of up to 175 meters making us the player with the widest WRH portfolio. Whether your preference is single-speed or dual-speed, our hoists are tailored to meet your specific requirements across distinguished series.

From the versatile iR to the robust WRHI-II-III Series, WRH N Series, HW, UR, and SMD models, our selection caters to diverse lifting needs. Beyond conventional offerings, our product range extends to include specialized solutions such as Short Headroom Trolley Hoists, Curved Paths and Flame-Proof variants.

Electric Chain Hoists:

Introduce a paradigm shift in lifting with our Electric Chain Hoists, a testament to precision and power by Bajaj Indef. Setting new benchmarks, the CEH product range spans 0.25 Tons to 30 Tons lifting capacity, integrating cutting-edge international technology for unmatched efficiency. Tailored to meet standard, rigorous, and specialized applications, these hoists seamlessly address diverse lifting needs, reaching heights of up to 100 meters.

Explore our meticulously crafted models in the EH II (BABY), HC+, CH – III (Electron), and CH – IV (Proton) series. These models provide versatile options, featuring either single-speed, dual-speed motion tailored to meet your specific requirements. With CE and ATEX certifications, including Flame-Proof variants, Bajaj Indef reaffirms its unwavering commitment to reshaping the realm of lifting excellence.

Mechanical Hoists:

When it comes to Mechanical Hoists, Indef has become a synonym to Chain Pulley Blocks in the Indian market as a testament to the popularity earned as a result of robust product quality. Within the comprehensive range of mechanical hoists, Bajaj Indef offers Chain Pulley Blocks (CPB), Ratchet Lever Hoists (RLH), and Pulling and Lifting Machines (PLM). Delve into the specifics of models such as Indef P, Indef M, Indef C, and Indef R, collectively offering a versatile capacity range from 1 Ton to 40 Tons. These hoists proudly exhibit ISI (BIS) and CE certifications, signifying an unyielding commitment to unparalleled quality and adherence to international safety norms. Enhance your lifting experience with variants like ATEX-certified spark-proof models, 360-degree rotation, low headroom configurations, and safety enhancements such as load limiters and slipping clutches, underscoring our dedication to innovation and safety.

Storage and Retrieval Solutions:

Our floor-operated stackers offer an affordable and versatile solution, supporting racks up to 8 meters in height, even in narrow aisles. With a 360° turntable for efficient rotation, these stackers ensure material storage and retrieval without compromising load capacity. The intelligent user-friendly interface optimizes operations for seamless efficiency. Complementing this, our Roll-out Racks provide a compact storage solution for long bars, channels, flats, pipes, and tubes, maximizing space with vertical storage up to 5 levels. The FIFO system allows independent access to stored items, reducing manual hassle and enhancing productivity.

Our Services for Your Uninterrupted Operations:

At Indef, we recognize the pivotal role that service plays in sustaining uninterrupted operations. With a particular focus on safety and proactive after-sales support and a commitment to exceptional customer service, we have in place a dedicated team of trained and certified service engineers who possess profound knowledge, to ensure that you get the right support at the right time for optimal performance and longevity of your cranes and hoists.

In adherence to stringent safety standards, our service engineers seamlessly enter user premises, providing round-the-clock responses through our 24×7 service. Going beyond conventional support channels, we extend assistance through a user-friendly web portal. Our comprehensive suite of service offerings encompasses On-Site Service, On-Call Service, Crane/Hoists Health Check-up, AMC Service, and Operator Training Programs, ensuring a holistic approach to maintaining the integrity of your operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bajaj Indef, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in the principles of compassion, collaboration, and collective growth. Nestled in Khalapur, surrounded by the scenic Western Ghats and a predominantly rural community, our CSR initiatives epitomize our dedication to holistic community development.

Guided by the visionary philosophy of our Founding Father, the late Shri Jamnalal Bajaj, who championed business as trusteeship for the common good, Bajaj Indef upholds ethical, value-based, and transparent practices. Our CSR policy reflects a commitment to comprehensive community welfare, focusing on uplifting the less privileged.

In 2022-23, we inaugurated a Tobacco Cessation Centre and introduced a Water Tank Facility in Khopoli and Dhamani, Raigad, emphasizing public health and addressing crucial water needs. Furthering our healthcare commitment, we donated a Cardiac Ambulance to Sahaj Seva Foundation and initiated a Nursery Development Project at Sumangal Disabled Children School. In the preceding years, projects like Happy School, Lake Desilting, Tree Plantation, Jambrung, and Nana-Nani Park underscore our dedication to positive community impact.


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