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Hercules Hoists is the market leader in hoisting technologies.  Whether mechanical or electrical, the hoisting products start from entry level products to premium products. Additionally, we have been spreading our wings, to transition from a products supplier to a solutions provider for our customers LIFTING, MOVING and STORING requirements.

Hercules Hoists was incorporated in 1962 in collaboration with Heinrich de Fries GmbH, Germany.  On cessation of the technological tie up with Heinrich De Fries, the Company continued to be technologically associated with other leading European companies in the field of material handling.  These include, Bull (Italy) for rope hoists and electric chain hoists, Zasche Handling (Germany) for ergonomic handling solutions / manipulators, Planeta Hebetechnik (Germany) for mechanical hoists and electrical chain hoists and Varese Handling Technology – VHT (Italy) for electrical chain hoists and overhead crane systems.  The successes and market leadership enjoyed by the Company are a testimony to the high-quality products and value that we have brought to our customers and the market in association with our technology providers.

Over the years, our brand name “INDEF” is ubiquitous and sometimes better known than the Company name itself.  We have over the years also developed other brands: Stier, iCRANE, iSTACKER to support our market forays for specialized products.

Hercules Hoists has its corporate office at Belapur and two production facilities: in Khalapur (near Khopoli) and Chakan (near Pune).  The Khalapur facility focusses on hoisting equipment and the Chakan facility focuses on cranes and overhead handling equipment.  Our market reach with over 50 Authorised Business Partners (distributors) and close to 100 Authorised Retailers (sub-dealers) gives us an enviable market reach all over India.  To support the Authorised Business Partners and to approach customers directly for technology driven solutions, we have our own sales offices at Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

The Company’s quality systems are certified to ISO:9001-2015 and furthermore has relevant products certified to BIS and CE norms.

At the core of its products and technologies is a strong design and development team, equipped with contemporary design and testing technologies that ensure that the products offered by the Company are suitable for use in an Indian environment and assuring its customers of PRODUCTIVITY, RELIABILITY and SAFETY at all times.

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The Hercules Hoists range of proven LIFTING / MOVING / STORING solutions include Mechanical Hoists, Electric Chain Hoists, Wire Rope Hoists, EOT / HOT Cranes, Light Rail Crane Systems, Ergonomic Handling Solutions (Manipulators), Floor Operated Stackers amongst others.


Our range of Mechanical Hoists with European technology covers Chain Pulley Blocks, Ratchet Lever Hoists and Pulling / Lifting Machines under INDEF and STIER brands.  With European technology and covering a range from 0.5T to 40T, the mechanical hoists are available under P or M models under the Indef Brand or the Stier Range of Chain Pulley Blocks, Ratchet Lever Hoists or Pulling / Lifting Machines.  The P and M range are ISI (BIS) Certified and all models are CE certified. Special optional features include spark proof and ATEX certified models.


Indef Chain hoists are available from 0.5T SWL to 20T SWL.  Built with European technology, the electric chain hoists are available for standard, rigorous or special applications and also with flame proof capabilities.  Available in both, single and double speed models, the models ranging from EH-II, HC+, GC, GC+ and CH.


Indef wire rope hoists are the de-facto standard for wire rope hoists in India.  Robustly built with European technology and available in models: WRH / HW, iR, UR and SMD. Available in a load capacity of up to 70T and with height of lift up to 100 m+, the wire rope hoists are available in standard / bogie trolley, low headroom trolley or foot mounted versions, in standard or flame proof executions.


iCranes from Hercules Hoists, build around the Indef Wire Rope Hoists or Chain hoists is a range of optimally designed cranes available in single girder, double girder, gantry / portal design or jib crane design executions.  iCranes are built at the Hercules Hoists Chakan facility in an advanced manufacturing process that ensures fast build and consistently high quality.


Complementing the iCRANES are the iCRANE LR+ light rail crane systems. Featuring advanced and patented technology from our European associates, they are suitable for handling loads up to 2t.  Totally modular and featuring external trolleys, festoon cabling system or insulated conductor rail systems, the ball and socket suspension joints allows the crane to pendulate thereby enabling loads to be moved manually with forces of 2% or less of the safe working load.  For enhancing productivity, modular electric trolleys are available.

The cranes from INDEF find application for loads from 0.25T to 2T. Facilitating easy manual movements


INDEF-Zasche ergonomic handling systems are especially suitable for complex and repetitive material handing tasks. Our ergonomic handling systems like “Carbon” fibre handling devices, Z-arm manipulators, Z-Lifts and Telescopic Lifts, Pivot Arm Handlers and Rope Balancers & Speed Balancers are used to manipulate materials without direct contact to improve productivity, reduce worker fatigue, reduce downtime, improve safety and optimize the use of energy, raw materials and manpower needed in the manufacturing process.


The iSTACKER is an affordable entry level storage and retrieval solution, The advanced technology storage and retrieval system is suitable for racks with heights of up to 8m INDEF Floor Operated Stacker Cranes serves up to 8m and loads up to 3T (higher capacities can be designed and provided).  The iSTACKER can be designed for work in multi aisle for single or double deep racking.

The iSTACKER is a simple system, very easy to maintain, does not require much expertise in operating the machine.  It is available in Manual / Semi-automatic solution and importantly, operator skill requirements eliminated by auto positioning system. Varying levels of automation / intelligence can be made available.  As the iSTACKER is installed above the racks, so there is no floor blockage.  Crucially, No derating of capacity with height (which happens with forklifts).

Corporate Social Responsibility

In terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Hercules Hoists has focussed on two aspects, both indicative of our premise of Caring, Sharing, Growing.

One of the areas of our focus is on Community Building through Arts and sports. With Hercules Hoists being principally located at Khalapur on the foot of the Western Ghats, an area with a predominantly rural populace, we have initiated the Krida Vikas Project to inculcate sports culture in Karjat and villages around Karjat. Covering 15 schools in the periphery of Karjat, the project has benefitted a number of young school going students with sports training conducted at the Krida Prabodhini and has been well received and considerably appreciated.

Our other focus area is on enhancing green cover.  In close association with an NGO – Seva Sahayog Foundation, multiple tree plantation sites have been identified focusing on addressing the need of increasing green cover and providing a source of livelihood to tribal farmers. The entire activity is carried out by the Hercules Hoists Team and Seva Sahayog Foundation.   Plantations shall be done in multiple locations in areas. The process is monitored, and an external agency has been appointed to conduct tree audits that shall include the plantation analysis and verification, at sites, reporting and certification.


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Corporate Office Address : 501-504 Shelton Cubix, Plot -87, Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614.


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