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Paryavaran Mitra – Friends of the Environment
Fighting against land, air, water and sound pollution

We can live without many things but can we live without land, air and water? Looking after our environment is not a choice, it is about survival. Land, water and air allow us to exist. Then why are we so negligent towards them?
Kiran Shekhar Bajaj
Founder, Paryavaran Mitra

Paryavaran Mitra is a non-profit organization, established in 2004 in Shikohabad (U.P.) by Nature lover, Kiran Shekhar Bajaj to find ways and means of protecting and nurturing our environment. Its main objective is to reduce land, water, air and noise pollution and make the earth a better place for our present and future generations.

Paryavaran Mitra became a true friend of the environment when it converted 27 acres of waste industrial land into a forest, organic farmland and a haven for birds, native trees and plants. It boasts of a Mini forest, Agricultural land, a Vermiculture and Composting Facility, Training Institute for Organic Farming, a Nursery that grows thousands of saplings to be redistributed and an abundant growth of organic produce such as amla, tuvar, mustard, rice, fenugreek, lemons, flax seed, coriander, turmeric, sesame seeds amongst others.

Over population, negligence and mainly greed and consumerism have resulted today in ruining our environment and the effects could become permanent. Where we are falling short? We are harming nature by filling the air with pollutants, pouring industrial waste and chemicals into our land and water. This has now grown into a huge disaster. Global warming is now a part of our lives. We need strict measures to ban manufacturing units and other sources who pollute nature.

Paryavaran Mitra has created immense awareness within villages, small towns, schools and colleges and hopes that industries, organisations and the urban sector will join forces and resources to save our country and planet. That is the true spirit of patriotism and humanity.

Anyone and everyone can make a small contribution. All of us can make some difference.

Paryavaran Mitra is fortunate to have the support and advice from world renowned environmentalists such as Bittu Sehgal, Chandiprasad Bhatt, Deepak Vallabhbhai Sachde, Sunderlal and Vimla Bahuguna, Kavita Mukhi, Jagat Singh ‘Junglee’, Rajendra Singh, Dr Anish Andheriya, Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Dr Ashok Kothari, Jyoti Mhapsekar amongst others.

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Talents Behind Our Success


To prevent land pollution, Paryavaran Mitra has given organic farming a huge boost by protecting land from chemicals. The team has taken Organic Farming to villages and trained farmers to test soil conditions and learn about organic seeds and farming methods. As a result, the Paryavaran Mitra Farmers’ Markets have been successful ventures in Shikohabad and plans are afoot for more.
Over 25,000 students have visited the mini forests that house native trees and plants. Continuous Anti Plastic and Cleanliness Drive in local schools and colleges.

Paryavaran Mitra has reduced air pollution by planting 150,000 trees and creating successful campaigns to prevent use of tobacco and fireworks. The Mini Forest in Shikohabad purifies the air around is a good example of the possibilities of creating green surroundings. Thousands of saplings have been donated to schools, villages and towns. Paryavaran Mitra has a unique ‘Green Gift’ programme where anyone can buy trees on behalf of any individual on his/her birthday, anniversary or any occasion. Paryavaran Mitra plants the trees and nurtures them.

In the area of water pollution, Paryavaran Mitra has combined awareness with technical expertise in rainwater harvesting and many activities to save water bodies and avoid pollution. Cleaning local water bodies such as rivers and ponds are ongoing activities carried out by Paryavaran Mitra staff and volunteers. Rain water harvesting is done to conserve water and an effluent plant has been set up in Shikohabad.

Pamphlets and brochures are distributed before Diwali and other festivals to create awareness regarding ill effects of loud noise. These are sent to schools, colleges and organisations. There are efforts to motivate people not to burst fire crackers during Diwali festival.

Awareness Campaigns and ongoing projects
The main work for Paryavran Mitra is through their effective awareness campaigns. Some of these are Cleanliness Drive, Student Marches, Anti-Tobacco Drive, Wall Art to promote key anti-pollution messages, seminars, essay and painting competitions.
Every earth related event of significance is celebrated by sending creatively composed e-cards to over 5000 recipients. The Paryavaran Mitra team along with Bajaj Electricals Ltd. participates in the Mumbai Marathon and raises awareness through slogans and pickets. Eminent environmentalists present talks, conferences, seminars and presentations. Debates are held in colleges and schools to highlight the need for a better environment.


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