Shabdam – Dedicated to Literature, Music and Art
To Nurture Indian Language, Literature, Art and Music. To Create Awareness and Build Confidence through Culture

The world can be a much better place with preservation of Sanskriti and Prakriti. Culture and Nature are interrelated. You can’t have one without the other. I started Shabdam to preserve and promote Indian culture with the hope that it will help us preserve our resplendent Nature.
Kiran Bajaj
Founder, Shabdam

Shabdam is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve and promote Indian culture, specifically language, literature, art and music. Shabdam promotes and revives Indian performing arts, fine arts and any literary works that could well get lost in the sands of time. Its key responsibility is to prevent our languages from succumbing to the modern world of technology and digital expression. Shabdam also runs several awareness programmes and women’s empowerment initiatives under its umbrella.

The organization was launched by Kiran Bajaj in 2004 in Shikohabad (U.P.) and has produced and curated over a thousand programmes. The chief focus of Shabdam is to promote Hindi as a national language that unites, combines and brings together people from all states. Apart from Hindi, Shabdam supports any Indian language and literary work that is seeking to find a voice.

In the area of performing arts, Shabdam has worked with several artistes across the country from Indian theatre, classical dance, classical Hindustani vocal and instrumental music. Within the sphere of the written word, Shabdam has provided a platform for, literary conventions, poetry recitals, reading of scriptures, essay competitions, writing workshops and has encouraged new writers to present their works. Shabdam has promoted well-known Indian works nationally and internationally by sponsoring and being present at such events. Shabdam is also responsible for reviving Braj Bhasha, an ancient language that is slowly becoming extinct.

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Sahitya (Literature)
Shabdam has invited well-known literary greats as well as new writers to promote poetry, plays, novels, essays and non-fiction works. Prof. Nandlal Pathak (Poet and Author), Prof. Namwar Singh (Literary Critic, Linguist), Neeraj (Poet and Author), Urmilesh Urmil (Journalist), Kailash Gautam (Poet) Kedarnath Singh (Writer), Justice C. S. Dharmadhikari have been some esteemed guests of Shabdam.

Sangeet (Dance and Music) and Kala (Art)
Shabdam has provided a platform for dance, Hindi Ghazal, Sufi Poetry, Kabir Festival, classical Indian vocal, instrumental, folk music, Kirtan (Devotional Songs) and contemporary music. Shabdam has teamed up with Spic Macay to invite many well-known artistes. The distinguished artistes include Shovana Narayan (Kathak), Ms Gitanjali Acharya (Odissi), Ms. Dakhsina Vaidyanathan (Bharatnatyam), Pt. Shubhendra Ray (Sitar), Shri Salil Bhatt (Veena), Mahua Mukherjee (Singer) Warsi Brothers (Sufi Quawwali), Padmabhushan Smt. Teejanbai (Folk Music).
Under the spiritual category, the works of Rahim, Raskhan, Tulsidas, Meera and Surdas have been performed by well-known artists. Shri Krishnachandra Shastri ‘Thakurji’ (Bhagwat Bhaskar) has been an eminent person to visit and perform on many occasions.
Painting exhibitions and art exhibitions are an ongoing feature.

Shabdam’s Awareness Programme
One of Shabdam’s most significant initiative is the awareness programme amongst youth, women and children. The Prashna Manch is a popular question and answer programme to create awareness about various topics relevant to culture and literature. The Hindi Culture Week is held every year, as is Teacher’s Day. The Literacy Programme is responsible for arranging events such as the Book Expo, running of libraries and managing the Shabdam Girls and Adult Women’s Literacy School.

Vocational Training and Confidence building
Programmes are held for young women to build confidence and develop vocational training to enable them to work towards their independence. These include six sewing centres, summer camps for hair styling, sewing, cookery, henna and beauty techniques. Shabdam has trained over 2000 young girls.


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